Sellers Articles

Selling your home can be a very emotional process. Allowing me to sell your home will remove part of that emotion.  Once your home is listed, I will take over from there, holding open houses, doing the advertising and showings, leaving you free to carry on with your every day activities. Don't let selling your home disrupt your life. 

Your house is in a great neighbourhood, it's a beautiful home, you feel you have it priced fairly, yet it isn't selling. WHY? That is one of the biggest questions and frustrations for people trying to sell their home on their own. Many people try to sell their home on their own to save on the Real Estate Professional's commission. In the homeowner's mind they are thinking, “If I sell my property on my own, I will net more because I don't have to pay out a commission.” Unfortunately, when a person comes into your home, they automatically think that because you aren't going through a Real Estate Brokerage, if they make an offer, they are going to be able to pay at least 6-7% less. So, why not let me do the work for you, leaving you to have more time to spend with your family. If you have a final number in your mind of what you would like to receive on your home, and I can get you that amount, is there any reason you can think of you wouldn't list with me?



Selling a home can sometimes be a long, stressful, and costly process. Like anything, though, equipping yourself with the right tools and the right knowledge can eliminate a great number of the potential negative aspects of the process – and get you the maximum return on your investment. 85% of people that attempt to sell their home on their own will eventually turn to a Real Estate Professional to assist them. It is my hope that you will put your trust in me should you decide to list with a brokerage.